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Customer Reviews for the RCS-8V.

From: Tim K5TGS
I just purchased and installed the Ameritron RCS-8V Remote switch. I will give provide another review after I use some time in place but wanted to provide my initial impressions. First, I was surprised at the quality of construction. I was quite impressed with both units. To make the control connection you will need to use at least a six-pair wire from the switch to the control unit in the shack. I suggest RG-45. You will need to remove four screws to connect the wires inside the switch. When I removed the plate I was really impressed with the workmanship and the quality of relays used. The solder connections were done very nicely. You need to decide at this time whether or not you want the unused antenna ports be isolated or shorted to ground until you switch to that one. The default is isolation, which is where I left mine. They also provide good strain relief on the PC board for your connection and at the remote switch. The connections are simple with regular screws and you are done. Wiring the remote head is again a simple connection of six wires. The only mod I would suggest is to use female RG-45 terminations at the switch and at the control head. You are then able to merely connect the appropriate length of RG-45 quickly. It is also very easy to disconnect the two units if you ever need to in the future. Works great and appears to be a great buy for the money!

From: Luther W. Lipfird NC4MI
I just replaced my old RCS-8 with the RCS-8V. The old unit had been in service for about 20 years. I am in the process of upgrading and improving the station. I figured that I would replace the old RCS-8 while I was replacing my broken rotor with a Hygain Ham IV. The only problem I had with the old RCS-8 was that the SO-239's kept breaking. I had heard that Ameritron had replaced the old style SO-239's with the Teflon type and I was using these on all of my cables. I figured that I couldn't go wrong with the same unit and I'm very pleased with it so far.

From: Bill Hudock KB4SQV
I have been using my new RCS-8V Remote Coax Switch for a few weeks now and I like being able to switch to five different antennas as needed for best results. It was simple to set up and it does the job well. I have mine set up to switch to five different HF antennas placed around my back yard.

My XYL only see's one coax from my shack to the switch box.

My only wish is that it would use two RJ-45 female connectors in place of hard wiring the control cable.

From: John Seither W3HEN
I bought this one on the recommendation of a salesman; I won't do that again. He neglected to tell me that having one additional coax position required the running of an additional 6-conductor wire cable. As it turns out, I'm only using four antennas and had to put a dummy load on the 5th position. Do yourself a huge favor and buy the 4 position switch, which does not require the additional control cable. When this 5-position switch goes bad, I certainly will.

HF AMP, 800W, (4) 811A TUBES, US 120VAC
$999.00 each

$979.00 each

$2,275.00 each

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