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Customer Reviews for the PNP-8M.

From: Rod WN8R
The Ameritron PNP-8M is a plug-n-play cable designed only for the Ameritron Universal Amplifier Buffer, model ARB-704 and specific Yaesu transceivers. The PNP-8M cable will connect the ARB-704 to the Yaesu transceiver models FT-100/450/817/847/890/857/897/900/950.

The PNP-8M connects directly to any Yaesu transceiver that has an 8-pin mini-DIN connector which provides the required interface operating voltage, amp keying connection, and ground, for a complete one cable connection solution. The Yaesu 8-pin mini-DIN connector on various transceivers is called ACC, TUNER, BAND DATA, CAT/LIN, or LINEAR, depending upon the transceiver model. A few require a transceiver menu setting to be changed to operate properly.

The ARB-704 interfaces the transceiver amplifier keying line to any amplifier without making a direct connection that could be damaging to the transceiver. This is possible if the amplifier keying circuit operates at a voltage or current that is too high for the transceiver circuit, or if there is a malfunction pulse. The ARB-704 protects the transceiver and makes connecting your transceiver to any amplifier simple and worry-free.

$2,995.00 each

HF AMP, 600W, (3) 811A TUBES
$849.00 each

HF AMP, 800W, (4) 811A TUBES, US 120VAC
$999.00 each

HF AMP, 800W, (4) 811A TUBES, EXPORT 240VAC, CE
$1,049.00 each

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