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Customer Reviews for the ATR-30.

From: Luther W. Lipfird NC4MI
I love this tuner. I had a Dentron Super Tuner that was replaced with the ATR-30. It did a good job, but it had a problem tuning my Force 12 C-4. It would get the SWR close to 1.2 to 1 but could never get close enough for me. After I got the ATR-30 hooked up. I set the presets to what was in the Manual and they were very close to my end result. It tuned each one of the bands flat 1.1 to 1. Thank you a fantastic Tuner.

From: Marcel Livesay N5VU
It's true. It will handle the AL-82 with room to spare. Over the last 35 years, I've had various tuners. This is a really good high power tuner. The roller inductor is made from flat stock that is wound into a coil. When I went and visited MFJ & Ameritron, I had seen an ATR-30 in the process of being built. It was the idea of the wide edge wound stock with a very good and solid contact between the roller and the inductor that sold me. The peak meter is very nice. I really like the back-lit meter. It appears to now have the LED illumination. Very pleasant and bright. The older I get the more light I need to see. The turns counter is driven from one direct drive gear on the crank directly to the counter. Tuning is a snap. It is always "on the numbers" on band changes. I highly recommend making a chart for each antenna for each 100 KHz of each band. You will be very thankful for the chart. It saves a lot of time "hunting" for the right match. I bought it to mate up with my new Ameritron AL-82. They look good together. I'm on my fifth Ameritron-manufactured amplifier. I have been slowly upgrading to where I am now. No regrets. Other than I wish I had enough money for the AL-1500. Maybe later. If you have any questions, please email me at n5vu at yahoo dot com. 73 & good DX! Marcel

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