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Customer Reviews for the ALS-600.

From: Rick Lindquist N1RL
\"The Ameritron ALS-600 is a cool and conveniant way to pump up your signal. It\'s reasonably quiet and runs off 120 V ac, so you don\'t need to call in the electrician to install a 220 V ac outlet.\"

For the full review, see the August 2001 of QST Magazine.

From: Dan Steele W3DS
The ALS-600 is an impressive amplifier. The no tune operation works like a charm. A quality American made product, this amp will stay in my shack for a long time. Ameritron products and customer service are excellent in my opinion.

Dan Steele, W3DS

From: Robert Jones n0yg
The ALS-600 does everything it is advertised to do right out of the box. Some have mentioned a rattle when they unpacked the ALS-600, I had THE SAME THING. When I removed the cover I found it was only the ferrite, around the coax connection inside the cabinet and nothing to fix or worry about. I wish the power supply was quieter, I have the transformer type, it is definately loud. Beware of the noise. But the amp does a very good job and NO PROBLEMS at all. For what it's worth I would absolutely recommend this amp.

From: Raymond Lewis AK4RL
I have had this amplifier for over 4 years and it is great. It does take a full 100 watts to get about 600 watts out. The signal is clean and I am told it sounds good. The built in protection circuits work as advertised to keep dummies like me from transmitting on a band that the amp is not set for. A great amp for the money and it just keeps on working like a Timex. Thank you Ameritron for such a great amp. No tuning, just set for the correct frequency and start talking. Raymond Lewis, AK4RL

From: Tim K5TGS
This amplifier, ALS-600, is a great item from Ameritron. Set-up is easy. My version uses the linear power supply, so it is quite heavy. It does have a connecting cable that allows you to separate the power supply some distance away so I have it in the corner of the shack. The main unit is compact and has a good case design and construction. The meters and switches seem to be a very good quality and the data is easy to read. I have found that the extra punch the ALS 600 provides is just fine. The no tune feature is the way to go! The overload circuit works fine. Combined with the remote head, ALS-500RC allows one to place the PS and amp out of the way! You will not be disappointed with a product like this!

From: Curt Gemmel KG9Q
Great amp. I get excellent reports. I like the fact that you can use it on 120 Volts and still get great results. This is a keeper. You will not be disappointed with this amp.

From: hal bouton N4QT
I purchased two of these in 2005 both were sent back to HRO with various issues right out of the box. In December 2014 I ordered yet another ALS-600. This time so far I have a winner. Well made, working as the amp should work. I am getting a full 600 watts with 60 watts of drive from my new Yaesu FTDX 3000. I installed the 10/12 Meter optional board. And I took the opportunity to take a look at the build quality. My unit looks to have been very well built. Even the case for both the power supply and amp look better than the ones on the 2005 defective units I sent back to the dealer. Overall, I think Ameritron has improved their quality control over the last five years. My 600 is very well built with everything working per specifications. Great little amp.

From: Terry Lines KD5RA
I was just browsing the Ameritron site and noticed there was a link to submit reviews. I have been using my ALS-600 with the linear PS for probably 8 to 10 years and it has been flawless. It's not fancy but it does exactly what you would expect it to do w/o errors or complaints.

If forced to find issues, I'd say the PS fan could be a little quieter but it's not a big deal.


From: Ron McKean wd5fun
I have had this amp for a couple of years and I couldn't be happier. I am net control for a couple of 40 meter nets and this amp has been a work horse. I can't tell much difference in signal strength from check-ins running the ALS-600 and those running 1500 watt amps. I have found this amp to be totally reliable and with the ARI-500 it just follows me where ever I go. It is very forgiving for stupid operators like myself. WD5FUN

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