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Customer Reviews for the AL-82.

From: Larry K3BFQ
This is a GREAT amp.! Its the 3rd Ameritron amp Ive owned in 16 yrs, ALL have been trouble free and excellent performers ! Ive owned this one now about 2 months, bought it used from a friend and it is just an awesome performer ! If you can find one used I highly recommend it, or if thinking new purchase you just cant go wrong with this baby!

From: Dave NK7Z
Wonderful Amp...
Rock Solid, and easy to operate. Run RTTY/Digital with it all the time at around 1KW, never a problem. Just bought an Ameritron Power Meter to match it.


From: Marcel Livesay N5VU
Okie dokie, if you look past my condition of an ampaholic, I hope you can see the real me. (That didn't make any sense at all. Too much RF I suppose.) My wife calls me an amplifier slut. Always trying a different amplifier. Well, I have found my soul mate in amplifiers.

What more could a person want. A reasonably priced amplifier with reasonably priced tubes. Real tubes for real RF. Yep, the Ameritron AL-82. Over the years I have had Heathikit, Henry, Dentron, Yaesu, Ten Tec, more Heathkkit, various Ameritrons and others I'm sure I'm forgetting about.

Oh yeah, about the AL-82. It makes everything the book states that it will. Using 240 VAC, the power supply will deliver 3600 volts unloaded and the advertised 3300 volts under load. With 100 watts of drive, the Ip is 800 mA. Right where it should be for the 3-500Z. It behaves very well at about 240 mA. Above all, please keep in mind the limitations on a 3-500Z. Stay within those parameters and you will have an amplifier that lasts a long time.

The 3-500Z max Ep is 4000VDC, max. Ip of 400mA and and max Ig of 130 mA. For two tubes, with 4KV and .8A you would get 3200 watts input. or about 2KW output. At 3300 VDC & 800 mA Ip, you get 2640 input and about 1700 watts output. So, with the AL82 this equates at about 85% of maximum on a pair of 3-500Z. Easy as she goes!

I did not find any loose nuts, bolts or screws. All was well with it when it arrived in three boxes. The RF deck in one box, the transformer in another and then the tubes in the third. Straight from HRO Delaware. Thanks guys!

The design is pretty straight forward, the bulk of the amplifier is built in direct support of the tubes. (Imagine that.) The left half is home to the power transformer, rectifiers (Full wave bridge) and filter caps. and the front right half home to the tank circuit and the back right quarter is the home of the two tubes (with chimneys) and the blower. The blower comes from the factory at medium speed. It is fairly quiet and has ample air flow.

Front panel arrangement is easy to follow. The PLATE tuning is printed with the old familar Heathkit hash marks for bands. The load is numbered.

The left meter is a multimeter. HV, Ip, PO & ALC. The right meter is a dedicated Ig meter. As always, mind your grid currents for a clean signal.

Of course it has a very tight band switch. Good positive contact with each clunk. It has 32 screws. After so much excitement of putting it together, 32 screws and all, I realized that I forgot to make the 10 meter modification. Crap! That will just have to wait for another day. At least before the ARRL 10 meter contest.

I went and visited both MFJ and Ameritron this summer, even met Martin. And of course, Richard. The people are extremly nice there. Yes, sometimes they make mistakes. Consider this, they have a whole lot more going out the door than they did being returned. They make a LOT of stuff. AND! They ship overseas as well. Something you don't hear much about anymore. MADE IN THE USA.

I have been a ham since I was 16. I'm now 52 today. Ameritron has very good products. This is my 5th Ameritron. I have just been constantly upgrading to where I wanted to be. If you want to email me, send it to n5vu at yahoo dot com.

From: Rick WA5SIX
Received a new one January 2015. Set it in its operating position on the bench and then installed the transformer and tube very easily. The manual explains the operation of these tubes in a very detailed way and I appreciate that. Just be careful and don't cross thread all those screws. Blower speed at factory wiring is quite acceptable. I did not find any parts that needed attention. Plugged and played within two hours. 60-65 watts cw drive on 40 meters gives full 1500 watts on the bird, key down ! The built in "Peak R.F. Watts" meter is in fact about 200 watts high but otherwise a good indicator and responds like it should and im not going to touch it. 73's

$2,899.00 each

HF AMP, 800W, (4) 811A TUBES, US 120VAC
$999.00 each

$2,995.00 each

$59.95 each

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