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Customer Reviews for the AL-811HD.

From: Larry Kruzan AA9VE
In thiry years as a ham I have owned and built a number of amps. everything from kits to homebrew with a couple factory units along the way.

The AL-811HD is certainly well placed in it's price/value point. Having the great function of the AL-811H with enough upgrades to justify the upcharge it provides a rock solid performer in this class.

The dependable 572B tubes are operated at levels well below their maximums giving the ham world a amp that may outlast us. Overload protection is included as a bonus and worth the added cost alone.

A real winner!

From: Mike Slate N6TEA
This is an excellent choice from within the Ameritron line-up for a first time amplifier user, especially one who only has a 15 amp circuit. While the AL-80B was in consideration, I simply lacked sufficient current to run it properly. The 572B tubes merely cruise at a plate current of +/- 650 mA and grid current about 175 mA to fully produce the rated outputs with 60W-65W drive at the very most. It tunes between 600W - 800W continuous using RTTY, after which I turn down the drive, as per the manual, to put out only 600W continuous. This equates to 800W PEP SSB voice, per my MFJ Giant automatic SWR/Wattmeter in peak mode. Do be sure to buy a good, accurate, external wattmeter. If you can pick up an oscilloscope, that is even better suggests some articles but I don't know how to use one so the wattmeter serves me very well. In reality, I thought that there was something wrong with the amp, perhaps tubes, because I kept getting readings of about 500W on my antenna tuner's meter. Once I installed the external wattmeter between the amp and the tuner, I could see the real measurements and it made tuning much easier. Initial experience at power up revealed a lot of EMI and splatter across the radio's bandscope in receive mode. I called Ameritron. Robb was very pleasant and suggested that it might be a weak tube but suggested that I disconnect the ALC and retry. Once I did that, I found the linear power supply plug to the transceiver was almost unplugged. I fixed that and grounded both the power supply and the power strip and the EMI and splatter was gone. Then, false fears of less than full power were cured by using the external meter and reading the manual over and over. So, the amplifier was fine. It was my operator errors. Regardless, the amp survives and is quite pleasing to use. I get good signal and audio reports on 50W-60W drive. Overall, I strongly recommend this amp. Ameritron's folks are invariably pleasant and readily available by telephone. So, the AL-811HD is a good product, at a fair price, sold by a responsible and responsive manufacturer, and it's made in the United States of America! If you buy one, I think that you too will like it.

73 de - - M
Mike Slate

$2,075.00 each

HF AMP, 600W, (3) 811A TUBES
$849.00 each

HF AMP, 800W, (4) 811A TUBES, US 120VAC
$999.00 each

$979.00 each

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