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Customer Reviews for the AL-811H.

From: Greg Hammerel W9GDH
This amp follows the KISS rule. Bought new one year ago. Works fine lasts long time. Its a KISS (Keep It Simple Sir) AMP!!!!!!!!

From: Nick KD8CYL
Great Amp, Cruises at 800 watts. Very Quiet,smooth controls. You wont be unhappy with this amp. Easy to operate. Go to you tube and check out The Ameritron factory tour and see how this amp is made ..... you'll buy one! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRYDlSM52A Thank you Ameritron for a great affordable Amp. Yours truly, Nick Cristino, KD8CYL; Parma, Ohio

From: brian norris kf4ouh
i love the 811-h amp it never lets me down

From: Thomas Otterbein DG8FBV
I use the AL-811HXCE (European version) since 6 month.

I am very satisfied with its performance.
The published specifications are completly fulfilled and meet my
The amplifier is solid built, the feeling of the switches and the
tuning elements are excellent.

Because of missing safety devices, you have to take care during
tuning. But due to the large measuring instruments the tuning
goes fast and simple.

High performance for a very reasonable price.....recommendable!

73! DG8FBV, Thomas

Hi I have had this amp a year now best money i have ever spent -- love it, easy to use, trouble free, loafs at 800 watts, very quiet -- cant even tell u have it on, there are more costly amps out there but for the price of this one it cant be beat anywhere. Thanks Ameritron for a great low priced amp!

From: Marcel Livesay N5VU
Ameritron has become standard RF amplification equipment at N5VU. Other than my AL-811 (3-811s) and my AL-80B (1 ea. 3-500Z), I have had other amps that come and go, however, the Ameritrons I keep. This is a confession of an "Ampaholic." I have the AL-811H (4-811s) as a back-up to my AL-80B. Although, I've never had a lick of trouble from my AL-80B, "I" just wanted another good & solid amp,...just in case. Basically, the AL-811H stays on 75 meters and makes advertised power. My AL-80B is my RF Ninja that I use during contests going from band to band, mode to mode. I use my AL-811H on 220 VAC, I highly recommend this in any amplifier over 500 watts. On 220 VAC, the voltage sag is very minimal, I.e., "The RF power is right up there where it is supposed to be." I'm thinking about my next Ameritron,...hmmm, maybe a AL-800, maybe. 73 & happy amping, Marcel N5VU

I have have an 811h Model , and find the Amplifier very stable
and Rugged etc., The tubes have worked quite well with no Problems to date. However while I was moving to a new residence the amplifier was damaged , I am in the process of restoring the amp, back to its original internal and cosmetic features etc. VA7TR

From: Kirk Nahabedian KN1Q
This amp is easy to run, affordable and a great performer. I'm having so much fun with it. Picked it up second hand and had a few questions. Ameritron's customer service was extremely helpful!! I'm a very satisfied Ameritron owner.

From: Bill Dickerson KA4KSB
This is a great amp however the 811 tubes are not very forgiving when tuning. Be easy and quick when tuning! The fan during the winter months is loud for some reason. Better tubes for this amp is a matched set of (4) 572B. The 572B is a tougher tube and works great!

From: Bryan Weber KB1VYB
I'm a rather new HAM and not an expert by any measure. Operation of this amp is simple. I have a written checklist (can't help it, I'm a pilot) for how to tune it. I can tune my antenna and then my amp and be on the air in a minute. I don't run it that hard and still get an easy 600 watts. The difference between barefoot and the amp is the difference between getting a call in through a pileup or not. It makes all the difference in the world.

You can buy a better amp, but I think you'd be hard pressed to find a better value. The amp requires a little manual work, but for the price, you simply can't beat it. Once you get the hang of it, for the life of me, I have no idea why I would pay more for a solid state auto tune amp.

From: Anthony VA6AFS
Great amp. Have dx'ed all over the world! Can pull off a 20-over in Pakistan at 600 watts ... Not too bad for a minor investment. Great service as well from Ameritron. Happy dxing from Canada.

From: Jose KC2VKY
It Nice Amp Im very happy with it, but it's got its secrets. First you have to have a
(1)A Dedicated ac line 120 or 220 AC just for the amp itself.
(2)A Good 20 to 30 amp Variac.
(3)A Good In-Rush Protection, I find the MFJ ICP-120 pretty good.
(4)If yout radio can do pulse, use it or tune your radio in FM maximum 60 watts for maximum foward power and keep the grid current 110 to 130 mA keeping the tubes happy. You'd be surprised, one important thing. Good coax, good attenuation, good SWR. Happy DX
73's KC2VKY

From: Dan L. WD5DJX
This is by far the best amp for the buck ever made as I have 3 of them and they have worked hard and perfect!! Built great to run long and hard. I have a degree in Electronics and a First Class Radio Telephone License and have designed and repaired communications gear most of my life and I am 66 years old now. So if you are looking for an Amplifier that will give you a super clean signal and do it everyday over and over, this is the amp for you!! 73's.

From: Mariece Ward KM5RN
I Have had my AL-811H for 3 Years now and I love it.
I do a lot of SSTV and DSSTV and I run it at 400 Watts or 1/2 its
output and get great performance from it. I live in Oklahoma and
we have red dirt meaning a lot of iron and have to blow the dust
out every 6 months. I have just replaced the tubes with a good
brand of tube and get no extra power from it so it leaves the
factory in full output. I recommend this amp for anyone that's a beginner or an old pro.
On Voice I have seen this amp do full output and get great signal reports. I re-wired it for 240 Volts and it made no difference
in the output of the amp but it did not make the house lights dim
as much. This amp is a great deal for the price, spend the extra
money you will have on a heavy feed line and good antennas.

From: Christopher Chime w8chm
Purchased my 811H second hand off Ebay and I started having issues with it after running too much AM into it.

I sent it in and within the estimated time it came back to me in great working shape.

They were kind enough to place it into a new shipping box and Joe was extremely courteous.

I really appreciate the service! Mine came in at just around $180 which included parts, labor and shipping. That's a lot better than buying a new one at $850.

Thanks again,

Chris W8CHM

$979.00 each

$2,995.00 each

$2,899.00 each

HF AMP, 800W, (4) 811A TUBES, US 120VAC
$999.00 each

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