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Customer Reviews for the AL-811.

From: Thomas N Park W7EGN

I have operated two of your amplifiers. I purchased my AL-811 when they first appeared on the market and it has performed faultlessly ever since. I also have an AL-1500 which developed trouble recently. I sent it in for repair earlier this month and also added several items that I wished to have checked and repaired, if necessary.

I just received the repaired AL-1500. Your technical staff has restored it to perfect operating condition and also followed up and corrected every one of the items that I suggested they look at. The turn-around time was very quick and your charges are certainly reasonable.

Several times over the years I have needed advice about some operation of my Ameritron amplifiers and your technical group has been unfailingly patient and helpful.

Thank you for the excellent service. It is a pleasure to do business with a conscientious and efficient company.

Thomas N. Park

From: Dave W5LP
I have been in ham radio for 15 years but never really used an amplifier on HF. I had been told this would be a great amp for me. After using this amp for a while now I have to agree. It is super easy to setup, tune and use. I get great signal reports and break through really well on the low bands. Thanks for producing great products over the years.

From: Lasse N7LLG
My Ameritron AL-811 amplifier has worked flawlessly for me. I am the third owner and I have only had one problem, which I caused and that was easily repaired by a knowledgable person who knew what to do. So don't do what I did, which is to try and excite the amp with your transceiver on 40 mtrs while the amp is on 80 meters. You will definitely run into problems. Make sure the controls are within at least a proper range when trying to excite the amp. Thanks for taking notice and following my guidance.

From: Franklin Rosenberg W7NYG
I been using the AL 811 for several months. One might not expect much performance from a low priced amplifier. That is not what I have experienced.

The antenna I use is a Hustler 5 BTV ground mounted using a chain link fence for a counterpoise. I expected an increase of one S unit but no more until I started using the amp.

It have tested it on 75, 40, 20, 17 and 15 meters. I just called CQ DX on the 40 meters phone band. More then one DX station returned my call.

The amplifier receives excellent signal and audio reports. What I enjoy most is NO dreaded TVI or RFI problems.

I have successfully used the AL 811 on the SSTV mode. A word of caution the drive must be lowered not exceed 325 ma while operating SSTV. Twenty watts of drive is recommended. The output is double the power then using my FT 450 transceiver alone. Like any HF amplifier care has to be taken to ensure excess over heating of the 811 a tubes.

Using the amplifier with 600 watts out produces all the DX and
contacts I ever can deal with.

The biggest difference between the 100 watt transceiver signal and the Ameritron amp is the reports. If I sign with one station usually one or more stations call me.

I can from on the air operation recommend the AL 811. Always read and understand the instruction manual before operating any ham radio equipment. I can see why so many of these amps are in daily use all over the world.

From: Dave Cuthbert WX7G
I have had my AL-811 for over a year and it has been a great asset. It easily meets or exceeds rated power.

From: Lon Severe WA6AEE
The ad is correct, a little power really makes chasing DX a pleasure. You can sometimes get that DX when the Big Guns are chasing it as well, it just adds to the fun, especially since I can't have a big antenna due to deed restrictions in our area. My little Hy-Gain AV-14AVQ still puts out a good signal with no gain in the antenna but a low SWR. Thanks!

From: Andrew Eliason KA9DOL
Very reliable, stable, and can take a lot of abuse.
Works nicely as a simple gain block for QRP equipment
when conditions aren't the best.

From: Dennis Wight VE7IJJ
I have had 2 of these amplifiers, one for 33 years and the other one for 2 years. Works great since I did a direct (no mods)tube swap from 811a to 572B. Service from Ameritron (John) is great. Good product before the swap and a better product after the change. Cheers Dennis

From: Dan Hogan NA9DH
I bought this little beauty used. Worked as advertised until I tried to tune up with the band switch on the wrong band (dumb me!). Sent it in for repair got it back FB and the cost was reasonable but the new 811 tubes had one broken. I bought a set of 811H tubes from RF Parts in CA which are 572Bs and the amp worked GREAT. I run it at about 500 watts out with 50 watts drive; a 10 dB gain is pretty good in my book. I get great reports and love the amp. You cannot go wrong with this critter.

From: Bill Barbee W5LV
I bought my new AL-811 in May of 1995. I have used it mainly on SSB but also some RTTY and CW. No problems at all with my amp. I installed the 572B tubes about 5 years ago and love them. I have used a number of HF rigs with the amp and all of them have done a great job. I usually run about 500 watts output from my Yaesu FT-950 with 50 watts drive. I use a Force 12 C-3 yagi and I can usually bust a pileup with the first call. I think after 16 years of operation that this is a keeper.

From: Kevin Nussbaum AB9KN
Have had the AL-811 in use for about 1 month now. What a great little amp! I ran barefoot for years, and just wanted that little extra punch for breaking pileups, or making that qso that's just above the noise. I had a quick issue at first, but realized I did not have the ALC adjusted correctly...Problem gone, and I am now making contacts on the first call that used to be out of range. If I can hear them, I can make the contact. I can "tune up" in a matter of 5-6 seconds, and that time will improve to 3-4 seconds or less with more use. I suggest building a spreadsheet of preset loads and plate settings across the bands. I have found the settings "for me" are pretty flat across each band. I suggest a quality pwr/swr meter for tuning. For those of us who just can't justify a $5K amp for our hobby, the AL-811 is perfect power, quick tuning, affordable, and easy-to-use amp!! I'll have this for many years!

From: Mike KK2DOG
STOP swapping the 811's for 572B's as you really don't gain anything. The AL-811's power supply will not make the 572B tubes put out any more power, so do yourself a favor and stick with the 811A tubes... they're cheaper.

Anyway...I've had my AL-811 amplifier for about five years and it has always been my 'go to' amp when I needed power right now. It has performed flawlessly on all HF bands, and really got a good work-out on 10-meters without any issues. YES...I would buy this amp again.

$2,995.00 each

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$979.00 each

HF AMP, 800W, (4) 811A TUBES, US 120VAC
$999.00 each

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