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Customer Reviews for the AL-80B.

From: Marcel Livesay N5VU
Greetings to all ampaholics!

I have had my AL-80B for over six months and it is a keeper. I find nothing wrong with it. I collect and restore amps and this dude will stay as the others come in and out my door. 2850 volts (220 VAC), .5A equals right at a Kw. (The first 600 watts is what really counts, the rest is just for backup,...something like that.) Anyway,I use it around 800 watts on SSB, the reports are just as good as 600 watts or 1200 watts.
73, happy amping!
Marcel, N5VU

From: Greg W9GDH
Worked great right out of the box. Dropped 240VAC into the shack. Preformed a two tone test to check PEP. Got 1100 watts @ 85Watts input on the oscope. Nice clean two tone signal also on the oscope. Works like a charm with the Kenwood TS-2000. I always use an Ameriton ATP-102 AMPLIFIER TUNING PULSER II into a dummyload when tuning. Using the pulser the AL-80B only outputs 100 watts average.

From: ed elmore kbrsb
bought new al80b great amp. does what it says wired for 240volt 1100 watt out all bands ! ameritron tech. support great people to deal with. thanks ameritron

From: Steve K8BZ
I have had this amp for 2 years and bought it used at a swap meet. I was reading product reviews on amps and would have considered buying an AL-80B if I didn't find one at the swap. As luck would have it, the only amp at the swap was an AL-80B. The seller said it was never used on the air and was still in the box. I took it home and rewired it for 240v and was off and running. The only problems after two years were:

1. In December '08 one of the meter lights failed and went dark. Called Ameritron and ordered 2 new meter lamps and it was received within the week. Easy install and back in business. I still have the second spare lamp.

2. The amp lost all output power and wouldn't tune. Checked on line for possible information on problems and found a lot of suggestions. It looked bad! I called Ameritron Support and was told the 3-500Z final was bad and needed replaced. Again I read reviews and found the 3-500ZG Chineese tube was an improvement over the original Eimac tube. $194 later I'm back in business.

The amp has been a work horse. Clean signal, quiet operation, tunes quickly and easily. 10 meter modification was easy and well described in manual. I've been very happy with the amp and would recommend it. I don't think you can beat it for twice the money.

Happy Hamming. K8BZ

From: Steve K8BZ
A 2010 Update. It's almost 3 years later and the AL-80B previously reported has had regular use on 5 bands and has not missed a beat. Not a single issue, problem or failure since my last review.

From: Oscar Ochoa xe2voo
Excelent Amplifier!....2 years, No Problems.

From: Rick N3SCP
I just had to write a review on this Amplifier. This is my first HF amp and had read hundreds of reviews on all manufactures and models. First off, I was very hesitant buying this amp because most of the reviews stated that it would only put out 800 watts on SSB. Some stated that the ALC would distort the audio and would push the 3-500 tube too hard. Well, I did buy the amp. In fact I had to buy an antenna and tuner to go with it. I live in an area where I can’t have antennas outside of the house. So I got a six band vertical that I can put up at night and take down for the day and got a 1KW auto antenna tuner. I unboxed the amp and set it up just as the manual stated. I have a Kenwood TS-2000 Radio that has connections for the ALC and made the necessary connections. I set the radio to one of my favorite nets on 40m. I tuned the tuner, which was not really necessary do to the nicely tuned vertical antenna. Now, I was ready to try the new amp. I set the ALC, plate and grid controls. I called out to someone on the net and adjusted the amp to 400 watts. Wow, they could hear me. The audio was clear and the signal was strong. So I decided to see what it could do. I reset the ALC and adjusted the amp to max output. Again, Wow…. I was peaking at 1100 watts on SSB. I asked how my audio was and I was 20+ over 9 and the audio was superb. I spent the whole night making contacts to Hams everywhere. Days later I found two other reviews with the AL-80b and a Kenwood TS-2000 and they had the same experience. The ALC is very important if you want to get the full potential of this AMP. I don’t keep the output high all the time but it is good to know it can put out over 1000 watts if I need it. Great Amp.

From: Bob Hunter KX4AA
Built like a tank. You can abuse anything, but this amp has a circut you can add that will protect it from over drive.
It's the second or third amp I have ever owned, and has outstanding audio. Very quiet fan, I had to check to see if it was running.
Low temp compaired to other amp's for the money.

From: Mike Elcsisin KK2DOG
If you're looking for a 'working mans amplifier' with some heat, the Ameritron AL-80B is definitely the way to go.

From: Don N4ECM
I bought this amp used about four years ago. This is my third amp and definitely the best of the three. My last one was a Dentron Clipperton L many years ago. It would do 1400 watts on 20M but the fan was so loud you couldn't put the amp within about 6-8 feet of the radio or the fan was in your audio.

The AL-80B is not only extremely quiet, the fan on my IC-756 Pro3 is way louder than the amp, it puts out 1000-1100 watts if I drive it to full power. I run it with 40-45 watts and get 800 watts out all on 110 volts.

I've never had a problem or any complaints about audio, etc. This has to be the best valued amp on the market.

From: Michael Kinney KU7W
Purchased AL80B from Ham Radio Outlet in Phoenix on 2-15-2016. Put it in place and hooked everything up on 2-16-2016. Upon checkout the amp performed exactly as advertised on 120 volts. Driver was Tentec Omni 7. At 85 to 90 watts pulse signal the amp produced 1000 watts output. At 100 watts input the amp produced 1100 watts output. Terrific performance I must say. I won't be driving it that hard and have the input set back to 80-85 watts drive for normal use. The fan is extremely quiet and you hardly know it is on. Big improvement over the AL80A which I had a number of years ago. Thanks to John for the quick response to questions that I had and also the 10 meter modification. Great product that performs as advertised and with 2 year factory warranty. Can't beat that!

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