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Customer Reviews for the AL-1500.

From: Thomas N Park W7EGN

I have operated two of your amplifiers. I purchased my AL-811 when they first appeared on the market and it has performed faultlessly ever since. I also have an AL-1500 which developed trouble recently. I sent it in for repair earlier this month and also added several items that I wished to have checked and repaired, if necessary.

I just received the repaired AL-1500. Your technical staff has restored it to perfect operating condition and also followed up and corrected every one of the items that I suggested they look at. The turn-around time was very quick and your charges are certainly reasonable.

Several times over the years I have needed advice about some operation of my Ameritron amplifiers and your technical group has been unfailingly patient and helpful.

Thank you for the excellent service. It is a pleasure to do business with a conscientious and efficient company.

Thomas N. Park

From: Rick Hatalski ND4Z
Just wanted to drop you a note on how satisfied I am with my Ameritron AL 1500 amp with the Emiac 8877 tube. I have been using it for several months now as a net control operator on Southcars on 40 meters. The amp loafs right along with 1500 watts output,with no strain. Since it is capable of over 2 KW output it has plenty of headroom while operated at the legal limit. This accounts for a nice clean signal with no harmonic distortion compared to other smaller amps that may be pushed to their limits and overdriven. I considered buying a legal limit amp from another vendor, but for the reason of price versus performance I chose the AL1500. Some other manufactures' amps were as much as twice the money for the same amount of power. On a scale of 1 to 10 I rate it a 9.5 as I do with my standby amp the Ameritron 811-H. Please keep up the good work with manufacturing and supporting Ameritron products for the ham community.
Thanks a million, Rick Hatalski, ND4Z --- Licensed and operating since 1963 (45 years).

From: mark k0ex
My long-time faithful SB-220 will now get to enjoy the simplier life of retirement. I bought the AL-1500 because I wanted WARC-band capability and an amplifier designed for 1500W output (instead of 1000W input).

I'd rather have a Peter Dahl transformer (because it's a "known quantity") than the Indiana Transformer transformer in all current models, however, I didn't know how to arrange buying the AL-1500 thru a dealer sans the transformer. Oh well... this I.T. transformer seems fully capable; curious about longevity though.

A word of CAUTION: don't take for granted that your "warm-up" timer is 3 minutes! Mine is only 2 minutes; a friends is barely over 1 minute. Respect the requirements of the 3CX1500A7!

I'm pleased overall with the AL-1500, with one exception. 15m and 17m share the same bandswitch position. At least for my amplifier, the tuned-input circuit favors 17m with lower SWR (at the expense of 15m), even after I adjusted the inductor slug. This, of course, is a non-issue using radios with a built-in tuner or with older tube-final radios with LOAD and PLATE controls.

Little signal in, big signal out. It's that simple (look at the schematic) with the AL-1500. I certainly would buy another one.

From: Terry K3HKR
What's not to like??

My AL-1500 is on its original final and has never let me (or anyone else) down. This amplifier simply loafs at 1KW, leaving only your imagination when the pedal is to the floor ...

I drive it normally around 45-50 watts, and that is nothing when compared to the output at 80 watts. I use the ATR-30 downstream and the combination is hard to beat.

I could not communicate on 75 Meters without "BIG AL". This black box is essential for solid contacts, stateside and abroad.

Terry K3HKR

From: Bill English K4FX
The Ameritron AL-1500 is a real workhorse. 25 Watts gives me near legal limit power with very little grid current. Smooth tuning, this could be the last amp I ever buy. K4FX

From: Nick Buffalo KF6KEI
Well where do I start I purchased my AL1500 (BIG AL) used and rescued it from the hands of a cb'er. The amp was used hard on AM and had a burnt up plate choke and some burnt up door knob caps. I had a good friend go through the amp and fix all the problems. With all the abuse the amp went through the amp still delivers legal limit with the original tube with 20 - 30 watts input. This amp is a little tricky to tune if you are new to tube amps. The grid current really jumps up quick if you don't pay close attention while tuning. I will never get rid of (BIG AL) I would sell of the rest of my station before that.

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