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$ 179.95 Each

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Ameritron`s Remote Coax Switch lets you remotely switch up to eight HF antennas so you can replace 8 coax feedlines with a single coax. Eliminate a tangle of troublesome coax and have a simple and near installation with just a single coax feedline!

The RCS-10 consists of two units, the weatherproof switching box that mounts on your tower or mast and the control unit thats placed at your operating station.

  • Inexpensive and simple wiring: selects up to eight antennas using one four conductor telephone type control line
  • High Power Capability: The RCS-10 relay box will handle over 5 kW into matched loads below 30 MHz
  • Long Relay Life: UL/CSA/VDE approved sealed relays with 16 ampere switching current rating. Tested to withstand 1200V RMS.
  • Flexible Mounting: The RCS-10 hardware accepts mast sizes from 1 inch to 2 1/4 inches
  • Reliable Connectors: Teflon UHF-style SO-239 females, internal barrier strip for control lines
  • Low Voltage: Requires 10-15 Volts at less than 300 mA.
  • Wide Frequency Range: Covers DC to 100 MHz with low SWR, loss, and good isolation
  • Highly Weather Resistant: Sealed relays, stainless hardware, and U-V resistant cover
  • VSWR: Under 1.25:1 below 30 MHz. Under 1.3:1 below 60 MHz. Under 1.8:1 below 150 MHz
  • Impedance: 50 Ohms.
  • Power Requirements: The RCS-10 operates from a 12 VDC power source. 120 VAC adaptor included with RCS-10 and 230 VAC adaptor included with RCS-10X) .
  • Control Line: Uses any 4 conductor telephone-type cable (not supplied)
  • Easy-To-Read Antenna Indicators Eight wide-spaced LEDs indicate the selected antenna
  • Flexible Interface Accepts and outputs one-of-eight control signals, and outputs three-line BCD data
  • Switching Box: Approximately 5 " x 6 ⅞" x 3" and weighs just 3 lbs.
  • Control Unit: 6 " x 4 ⅝" x 3 "

Ameritron Remote Coax Switches
4 Antenna Positions5 Antenna Positions8 Antenna Positions
120V Lightning ProtectedRCS-4LRCS-8VLRCS-10L
120V N connectorRCS-8VN
220/240V Lightning ProtectedRCS-4LXRCS-8VLXRCS-10LX
220/240V N connectorRCS-8VNX

Item IDDescriptionPrice
100-3100RESISTOR, 1/4W F,5%, 1 K0.10
104-5100RESISTOR, 2W, METAL OX. FILM, 5%, 100 K0.20
200-2100-1CAPACITPR, DISC, Z5U, 100V, .01 UF0.10
200-3100CAPACITOR, DISC, 50V, Z5U, .1 UF(723432)(52158025)0.28
300-4007DIODE, DO-41, 1A, 1000V, 1N40070.10
300-4148DIODE, SWITCHING, DO-35, 1N41480.10
351-5002DIODE, LED, ROUND, 5MM, T 1-3/4 RED,0.16
408-6124RELAY, PCB, DPDT, 8 AMP, 12VDC, RTE24012S6.64
500-1112SWITCH, ROT, 1-12 POS2.78
503-1233SWITCH, TOGGLE, SPDT,5A/125VAC, CH. MT (500-7010)1.44
601-6121CCONNECTOR, CH. MT,COAXIAL, 2.1MM (AT-1819)1.17
605-0193TERMINAL, STRIP, 3 POS, 5/8 FR43.84
605-0198TERMINAL, STRIP, 8 POS, 5/8 FR49.16
605-0409TERMINAL, STRIP, 72706, RCS87.76
610-2005TIT, UHF, 4H CH. MT, SO-239, TEF,1004252.09
612-0140CONNECTOR, HEADER, .1, .375, 40 POS0.68
612-4001CONNECTOR SHORTING JUMPER, 15-29-10240.54
656-0187SSCREW, PAN, PH, 6-32X3/16, SS0.10
656-0250SCREW, ME, PAN, PHIL, 6-32 X 1/4, ZINC0.12
656-0312S6-32 X 5/16 PHMS PHIL SS (105632051)(500396)0.10
656-0500SSCREW, PHMS, 6-32 X 1/2, SS0.10
656S-0375-25SCREW, SM, PH, #6 X 3/8 TYPE 250.11
656S-0375B-ASCREW, SM, HEX, A, #6 X 3/8, BK0.10
705-0632-1NUT, HEX, SMALL PAT. 6-32 X 1/4, ZINC0.10
705-3118SNUT, HEX, 5/16-18 , SS (555747)0.23
705-3732RINUT, HEX, PANEL, 3/8-32, BRASS NI0.10
710-0637WASHER, STEEL FLAT, #6X.250, ZINC0.10
711-0627WASHER, LOCK, INT, #6, ZINC0.10
711-3144S-SLWASHER, LOCK, SPLIT, 5/16, SS0.10
716C-0250STANDOFF, HEX, 6-32 X 1/40.20
720C-0621LUG, SOLDER, PLAIN, ANGLE, #6, 41/64L, TIN0.31
720C-0734LFLUG, SOLDER, LOCK, FLAT, #6 X 47/640.20
725-1778RIVET, BRASS, SEMI-TUBULAR, 1/8 X 3/16 X 7/320.10
740-2102BUSHING, PLASTIC, 1/4 SHAFT0.10
745-2149TIE, CABLE, NYLON,4 L0.10
745-5142CLAMP, CABLE, 1/4 #33040.10
752-2301HOLDER, LED, FOR T-1-3/4, 5 MM ROUND, ONE PIECE0.18
755-0101FUSE, 1-1/4, FB, 250VAC, AGC-1A0.42
755-3259FUSE, CLIP, PCB, FOR 1/4 FUSE (755-30710.20
758-9192U-BOLT , 5/16-18 X 3, 2 PIPE, ZINC-TV0.98
758-9192-1SA, U-BOLT SET, 5/16-18 X 3, W/BRK , HWD1.86
758-9193U-BOLT SADDLE, 2 FOR 758-9192(UB200-5), ZINC1.17
760-0035KNOB, 1647-1, 1 SKIRT1.58
770-1162BUMPER, RUBBER, ROUND, .44 DIA., 20 H, BLACK0.10
80-RCS10-1SA, CONTROL BOX, RCS10118.31
800-1010CHASSIS, RCS1016.04
800-5010COVER, RCS1014.00
800-9010COAX PLATE, RCS10 RELAY14.12
840-0524BOX, PLASTIC, LARGE, 1621/VEC4001K9.14
850-0427-1BOX INSERT, BROWN, 200#, PAD, 12-1/4X6, RCS DIV.0.54
850-0427BSH.BOX, WHITE, 200#, RSC, 9-1/4X6-3/4X7-1/4, RSC2.40

HF AMP, 800W, (4)
Only $1,049.00!

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HF AMP, 800W, (4)
Only $999.00!

Only $949.00!

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