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REMOTE KIT, 500M, SN#13048 , BELOW

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$ 179.95 Each

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The Ameritron ARF-500K is a filtering circuit that allows the ALS-500M to be used with the ALS-500RC (remote head). The ARF-500K is design to be used with Ameritron ALS-500M with serial number 13049 or less. Current production model with serial number above 13049 is already compatible for the ALS-500 Remote Head.

The ALS-500 Remote Head allows the amplifier to be placed away from the operating station and still have access of the front panel controls. The Remote Head has a Frequency Select Switch, ON/OFF Switch, Relay control jack, Current Meter, and three LEDs for TX, O/L and Power.

The ALS-500M will still have front panel controls (ON/OFF, Frequency Select, and Thermal overload, Load fault indicators), along with remote capability after the new filter circuit is installed.

Ameritron AL-500M Variants
Base ModelIncludes Remote Head ALS-500RC
Export 240VAL-500MXAL-500MRX
Export 240V CE certifiedAL-500MXCEAL-500MRXCE

Item IDDescriptionPrice
10-13850SA, COIL, 8.5 TURNS 1/2 ID, ALS-6001.72
10-14161SA, CHOKE, 10 PASSES CENTER, ALS-6004.66
10-14168SA, CHOKE, 8 PASSES CENTER, ALS-6004.46
10-14214SA, CHOKE, 14 PASSES CENTER, ALS-6004.94
10-14222SA, CHOKE, 22 PASSES CENTER, ALS-6005.89
100-1330RESISTOR, 1/4W, F, 5%, 33 OHM0.10
100-3180RESISTOR, 1/4 WATT, 5%, FILM, 1.8 K0.10
100-3470RESISTOR, 1/4 WATT, 5%, FILM, 4.7 K0.10
17-ARF500K-1SA, PARTS PACK, ARF500K17.79
200-2100-1CAPACITPR, DISC, Z5U, 100V, .01 UF0.10
200-3100CAPACITOR, DISC, 50V, Z5U, .1 UF(723432)(52158025)0.28
250-0027CAP, SM, DM15, 500V, 27 PF1.96
252-0160CAPACITOR, SNUBBER, 1KV, 160 PF5.72
252-0180CAPACITOR, SNB, 1KV, 180PF CDV3OFF181JO35.72
252-0220CAPACITOR, SNB, 1KV, 220 PF5.72
252-0270CAPACITOR, SNB, 1KV, 270 PF5.72
252-0360CAPACITOR, SNB, 1KV, 360 PF4.40
252-0680CAPACITOR, SNB, 1KV, 680 PF6.08
252-1150CAPACITOR, SNB, 1KV, 1500 PF12.68
252-1270CAPACITOR, SNB, 1KV, 2700 PF9.12
300-4007DIODE, DO-41, 1A, 1000V, 1N40070.10
351-3002DIODE, LED, ROUND, 3MM, RED0.20
400-0026AMETER, SPEED/500RC9.60
408-1216RELAY, 12VDC, 16A/240VAC, SPDT, AUTO TUNER2.21
408-6140RELAY, PCB, 3PDT, 12V DC, 80B/572/80020.34
421-02094TOROID, IRON, 1, T-94-21.14
500-1112SWITCH, ROT, 1-12 POS2.78
507-7101SWITCH, ROCKER, 7101, C,K, BLACK CAP, BK FRAME2.69
610-6028SCONNECTOR, PCB, RJ-45/641, 8P8C, SHIELDED1.06
612-0140CONNECTOR, HEADER, .1, .375, 40 POS0.68
612-4001CONNECTOR SHORTING JUMPER, 15-29-10240.54
654-0187SCREW, PAN, PH, 4-40X3/16, ZINC0.10
654-0250B-CPSCREW, ME, CS, PH, 4-40 X 1/4 BLACK0.10
654-0250SSCREW, ME, PAN, PH, 4-40 X 1/4, SS0.10
656-0187SSCREW, PAN, PH, 6-32X3/16, SS0.10
711-0425SWASHER, LOCK, INT., #4, SS0.10
716B-0250SPACER, AL, 1/4 HEX, 4-40, .250L0.27
716B-0625SPACER, AL, 4-40 X .625, 1/4 HEX0.26
716C-1250SPACER, AL, HEX, 1/4, 6-32 X 1-1/40.48
745-2149TIE, CABLE, NYLON,4 L0.10
752-2301HOLDER, LED, FOR T-1-3/4, 5 MM ROUND, ONE PIECE0.18
760-0030KNOB, 1214/550RC, .7X.38, 1/4SHAFT1.39
760-0035KNOB, 1647-1, 1 SKIRT1.58
800-0500RCCHASSIS, 500RC5.00
800-2500KFACE PLATE FOR ARF500K10.00
800-5500RCCOVER, 550RC6.00
850-0427BSH.BOX, WHITE, 200#, RSC, 9-1/4X6-3/4X7-1/4, RSC2.40
850-1001-1SHIPPING BOX, 4X5X3, #12.32

Only $79.95!

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Only $1,895.00!

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HF AMP, 600W, (3)
Only $849.00!

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